Dr. Luis Gerardo Herrera Montalvo
Correo electronico: gherrera@ibiologia.unam.mx
Investigador Titular A
Líneas de investigación

  • Mastozoología. Ecofisiología de vertebrados.

Publicaciones recientes

  • Herrera, L.G., C. Martínez del Río, E. Braun y K. Hobson. 2001. Renal structure in neotropical bats: using stable isotopes to explore relationships between diet and morphology. Isotopes in Environment and Health Studies 37:1-11.
  • Herrera, L.G., K. Hobson, D. Estrada, A. Manzo, G. Méndez y V. Sánchez-Cordero. 2001.The role of fruits and insects in the nutrition of frugivorous bats: evaluating the use of stable isotope models. Biotropica 33:520-528.
  • Herrera, L.G., K. Hobson, N. Ramírez, L. Mirón, G. Méndez y V. Sánchez-Cordero. 2001. Sources of protein in two species of phytophagous bats in a seasonal dry forest: evidence from stable isotope analysis. Journal of Mammalogy 82:352-361.
  • Martínez del Rio, C., J.E. Schondube, T. J. McWhorter y L.G. Herrera. 2001. Intake responses in nectar feeding birds: Digestive and metabolic causes, osmoregulatory consequences, and coevolutionary effects. American Zoologist 41:902-915.
  • Schondube, J. E., L. G. Herrera, y C. Martínez del Rio. 2001. Diet and the evolution of digestion and renal function in Phyllostomid bats. Zoology 104: 59-73.

  • Richman, A., L. G. Herrera y D. Nash. 2002. Characterization of Peromyscus MHC class II beta sequences by ligation-anchored RT-PCR and denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis. European Journal of Immunogenetics 29:213-217.