Dra. Susana Aurora Magallón Puebla

Investigador Titular A, tiempo completo
2001 - presente
Departamento de Botánica
Instituto de Biología, UNAM

Telephone :
(52-55) 5622-9087


  Resumen Curricular


Biology. Faculty of Science, UNAM. 1991.

Plant Biology, Faculty of Science, UNAM. 1994.

Paleobiology, Department of Geophysical Sciences, The University of Chicago. Advisor: Peter R. Crane. 1999.

Postdoctoral Appointment:
Section of Evolution and Ecology, University of California, Davis.

Principal Investigator:
Michael J. Sanderson. 1999-2001.

Married to Alejandro Sosa, and with one daughter, Mayte


  Summary of Research Interests


My research is driven by questions about plant evolution, which are addressed in the context of a phylogenetic framework. These questions include the evolution of floral form, relationships and age of major seed plant clades, and the rate of species diversification of angiosperms and major angiosperm clades. To address these questions, I rely on different sources of information and methods of analysis, including morphological and molecular data from living and fossil plants, phylogeny hypotheses derived from different data and optimization criteria, and information about standing diversity and fossil occurrences of clades. Although my research does not revolve around particular taxonomic groups, I am most familiar with the non-Ranunculid early diverging eudicot (tricolpate Angiosperms) lineages (i.e., Proteales, Sabiaceae, Buxales and Trochodendrales), and the Hamamelidaceae (Saxifragales, core eudicots), including their living and fossil representatives.


My research interests lie in three main areas:


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