Dr. Mark Earl Olson
Correo electronico: molson@ibiologia.unam.mx
Investigador Asociado C
Líneas de investigación

  • Evolución morfológica en plantas de zonas secas.


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Publicaciones recientes

  • Olson, M. E. 2001. Introduction to the Moringa Family. pp. 11-28 In: Fuglie, L. J. (ed.) The miracle tree: The multiple attributes of Moringa. Technical Centre for Agricultutal and Rural Cooperation, Wageningen, The Netherlands, and Church World Service, New York.
  • Olson, M. E. and S. Carlquist. 2001. Stem and root anatomical correlations with life form diversity, ecology, and systematics in Moringa (Moringaceae). Botanical Journal of the Linnaean Society 135:315-348.

  • Olson, M. E. 2002. Combining data from DNA sequences and morphology for a phylogeny of Moringaceae. Systematic Botany 27:55-73.
  • Olson, M. E. 2002. Intergeneric relationships within the Caricaceae-Moringaceae clade (Brassicales), and potential morphological synapomorphies of the clade and its families. International Journal of Plant Sciences 163:51-65.


  • Olson, M. E. 2003. Developmental origins of floral bilateral symmetry in Moringaceae. American Journal of Botany 90:49-71.