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Gastronomy in San Luis Potosí  
Here are the most notable characteristics of this state's cuisine: Mostly arid highland grassland and desert but in the east reaching into tropical lowlands, so much ranchland, irrigated crops, and tropical produce in eastern lowlands, many specialties from the Huastec Indians.
--Picadillo --
Beef or pig in chili sauce cooked with carrots, string beans, potatoes and peas
--Cecina de Res --
Beef prepared with bell pepper, juice of bitter orange, garlic, salt and pepper
--Chiles Rellenos
de Queso --

Chili peppers with a cheese filling
--Gorditas --
there's an amazing variety
in SLP, including:

Bocoles --
cooked biscuit-like items made from cornmeal and lard, and later stuffed with macerated meat, potato, cactus slivers, beans, pig meat, eggs, etc.

Chinas --
uncooked biscuit-like cornmeal packets stuffed with mole, cheese, etc. and then baked in a wood-burning oven
--Pemoles --
Bread items made of corn, egg white, lard, sugar and cinnamon, cooked on a comal
--Colonche --
Fermented macerated cactus fruit
and sugar
--Pulque --
Mildly intoxicating drink made by fermenting the sap, or aguamiel, of the maguey agave

--Duck enchiladas--

enchiladas potosinas--
-- Molotes--
-- Tacos Potosinos --

Queso de Tuna -- Candied fruit of the pricklypear cactus

Dulces de leche de cabra -- Sweets made from goat milk

Queso Guaje -- Cheese fermented in a gourd


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