San Luis Potosí,  The product of the richness of its mines and the tenacity of its earliest inhabitants, which earned it the status of royal, pontificial city, San Luis Potosí has preserved its original urban lay-out, the elegance of its civil and religious architecture and its distinctive colonial appearance. Yet it has also preserved another type of wealth: its traditions and the hospitality of its people who receive visitors with open arms. San Luis Potosí was founded in 1583 as a Franciscan mission, shortly after which it was divided into districts, becoming one of the main colonial cities established around a mining center. It has retained its importance as a regional capital and industrial center, producing textiles and smelting metal, while its districts proudly continue to celebrate their fiestas and traditions.

Set on a windy plain, San Luis Potosí has attractive pedestrian areas, ample plazas, museums, markets, cafeterias and a general air of calm. Moreover, the surroundings provide numerous opportunities for sports activities and ecotourism, since nature has provided the state with marvelous scenery that will also challenge your outdoor skills.


Teresa Terrazas