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The Neotropical Ichthyological Association is formed by a group of ichthyologists and students with a broad span of interests in Neotropical fishes. The NIA had its formal origin in 1989 in San Francisco, following a symposium on Neotropical fishes at the ASIH meetings, during a well-attended and interactive workshop on Neotropical Fish Biogeography held at the California Academy of Sciences. The Association is open and informal, and a Steering Committee (see below) takes care of its business. The NIA's mission is "to promote the study of Neotropical fishes". In pursuit of this, the NIA has met many times since 1989, mostly during the American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists meetings.

Old photographs of NIA meetings

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NIA Steering Committee
Jonatham Baskin
Barry Chernoff
John Lundberg
Antonio Machado
Naércio Menezes
Paulo Petry

Photo credits: Ancistrus sp. photographed by S.H. Weitzman & W.L. Fink.