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NIA Links


Links to Online Neotropical Fish Databases

The NEODAT II Project
Catalog of Fishes of Brazil
The FishBase Project
Bill Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes (2002 Edition)

Other Sites of Interest for Neotropical Ichthyologists

American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists
ASIH Curation Newsletters
Auburn University Museum - Fish Collection
Biodiversity and Biological Collections Web Server
Brazilian Society of Ichthyology - SBI
CAS Newsletter of Systematic Ichthyology
David and Wayne Maddison's Tree of Life
European Ichthyological Society
Gesellschaft fuer Ichthyologie - Society of Ichthyology
GPS TrackMaker - Free software
Horácio Higuchi's list of Thayer Expedition localities in Brazil
Ichthyology Web Sites (Selected by Ichthyology Section at NRM)
James Albert's FLMNH web site
MCP Laboratory of Ichthyology
Ning Labbish Chao's Projeto Piaba
Scott Schaefer's Rare Literature Collection
Sven Kullander's Guide to South American Cichlidae
Topographic names in Argentina