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General Information

The Instituto de Biología, UNAM and the Instituto de Ecología A. C., Xalapa, invite you to attend the IV International Rubiaceae (Gentianales) Conference.

In this meeting we gather about 50 Gentianales specialists from America (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, United States, and Venezuela), Africa (Sudan), Asia (China, Iran, Nepal), and Europe (Austria, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, and Sweden). More than 40% of the presentations deal with phylogenetic studies at subfamily, tribe or genus level using molecular, morpho-anatomical, or both sources of data. Floristics, species diversity, and phytogeography at the regional, state, or country level are well represented, followed by the traditional taxonomic studies that review genera or species complexes. The value of various secondary compounds (chemicals) in systematics at different taxonomic levels is explored, while the reproductive success in distylous species is presented for a genus.

The official language of the meetings is English. Presentations may be oral or as poster.

Oral presentations will be 20 minutes plus time for questions. A PC and a Macintosh computer and a projector will be available for oral presentations; the standard software will be PowerPoint2003; if you have different needs, please contact Helga Ochoterena at as soon as possible.

Poster presentations: The poster stands will be 120 cm high by 160 cm wide, so your poster needs to fit within these dimensions. All posters can be mounted on Monday October 20th and can stay on the stands for the entire week. The presenting author needs to probide a brief explanation and be next to his/her poster for questions and comments according to the programme.

Talks and posters will be presented within the facilities of Jardín Botnico Francisco Javier Clavijero, Instituto de Ecología A. C., Xalapa.